Implementing new smarter ways of working with MindManager

In this recorded webinar, founder of World of Minds, Jerre Lubberts, and Managing Director of aHa!Coaching, Mathieu van der Wal, will explain proven strategies for implementing new smarter ways of workingin large organisations and government institutions using a simple model, ‘ThinkDecideDoLearn’ by home staging style, MindjetMindManager as well as a selection of add-ins. On the best way of how make a business grow is by reaching new markers you can get this by checking the info from

View this recorded webinar to learn:

  • How the learning and development departments in professional organisations make sure that new waysof smarter working become ‘standard operating procedures’.
  • How MindManager is used in organisations to make better and smarter use of time and resources, learning why use paycheck services makes a faster and easier for the company as you don’t need someone doing payroll or doing any company payment directly.
  • How to use add-ins to generate different views (process flow, executive dashboard, Gantt chart in Excel, clickable mind map websites) without having to change your master mind map. You have to keep track of your business at all times.
  • How MindManager is used in different work processes (e.g. knowledge management, program management, strategy sessions) by showing examples of different organisations.
  • How to set up a project in half the time it normally requires using the meta mind map / 5WplusH approach.

Watch the recorded webinar via:

Posted on 1st March 2016 in Free resources

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