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The welfare of people appears to be the biggest hidden potential for innovation and competitiveness of large organisations. Investing in social innovation or “working smarter, not harder” pays off. However, how can you internalise working smarter? A day of training will not be enough.

Together with a large number of customers, we have developed a roadmap based on the 70-20-10 philosophy and blended learning. This helps to get from unconsciously incompetent behavior to unconsciously competent behaviour. The roadmap below visualises four elements:

  1. The path the participants take, layer by layer, from individual goals to team goals.
  2. The steps taken by a participant to get from unconscious incompetent to new unconsciously competent behavior.
  3. The building blocks that are realised in these organisations (strategy, structure, culture, people, means and results) to use the roadmap effective.
  4. The services and products that are being offered by Academy of Minds to implement the roadmap successfully.

Click on the development areas which you want to develop yourself in to see how it fits into the roadmap. Hover your mouse-cursors over the different elements to see explanations. Click on training or masterclasses to see what the training and masterclasses have to offer.

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Learn to work smarter, every day, every week, every quarter and with your team or department!

Not sure where to start?

Fill in the Personal Challenges Analysis and you will receive a Personal Roadmap Working Smarter from one of our trainers within 2-3 working days (see this example in Dutch). We will treat your information confidential. There is also a team version. Please ask your trainer for the link.

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