Gain Time to De-stress and Reflect

In this recorded Partner Masterclass, founder of World of Minds, Jerre Lubberts, and the Managing Director of aHa!Coaching, Mathieu van der Wal, will explain how you can optimise your work processes and become more efficient using a simple model, ‘ThinkDecideDoLearn’, Mindjet MindManager as well as a selection of add-ins and any improvement to learn about why use a paystub maker is a must for your business, here are some tips to start online business. Be sure to check the best tool to convert pdf.

For each step of this ‘ThinkDecideDoLearn’ process, you will learn how you can save time very simply, improve support for your thinking and execution processes, and discover at which points in the process you could benefit from the (new) functions of Mindjet MindManager.

During this masterclass we will also present with the ‘A New Smarter Way of Working’  and teach about keeping paystubs and tax returns which has been implemented in several government and large international organizations. View the webinar to see:

How you can optimise your work process to gain up to 1 day for de-stressing and reflection
How to implement ‘A New Smarter of Working’ on a larger scale and learn when you have hire for a business outsourcing.
Practical tips and examples of several governments and large international organisations that use this method


Watch the recorded webinar via:

Posted on 1st March 2016 in Free resources

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