The amount of information that reaches us via internet, e-mail and social media is increasing every year. Because of this flood of information, there’s more pressure to start working smarter (not harder) and increased need to lower stress.

Our workshops are designed to teach you in a short time on how to apply the different subjects in your own work. Our workshops last between 1.5 hrs and 3 hrs, but don’t have the same level of knowledge and practise as our training classes. However, the workshops are a good start to learn more about the subjects.

Workshop at your own location

Would you like to make a start towards A New Smarter Way of Working, and…

  • … you don’t have a budget and/or…
  • … you have 20 colleagues or other people that are interested that would like to make the start as well
  • … you would like to follow one of the workshops (see below) at your own location?

Then we will come to you!

You will receive a FREE workshops that’s normally priced at €145,00 per person.

We think it’s import to help you (and your team, even if there’s no budget) because we know that there are a lot of people who are unnecessarily working hard, experiencing stress or spending more time than needed. This inspired us to start a movement where people are helping each other.

The results of the workshops are that not only you will make a start in working smarter yourself, but also that you’re capable to point out a colleague in the right direction.


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Free Working Smarter Workshops

A new start to work smarter (not harder)

A familiair situation? You need more time. There’s more to do with less people. You’ve tried some known techniques and apps, but are still not achieving the desired results.

Something’s missing… the connection. Wouldn’t it be nice to know to use which tool at what time? In a way that they complement and strengthen each other and that they facilitate in keeping overview?

Your ideal work week

Are you able to tick off some tasks each day but are you still experiencing a lot of important tasks at the end of the week that still need completion? Have difficulties to keep the overview? A packed schedule? Experiencing procrastination? Not working on the right things? Losing a lot of time? Not being prepared? Stress?

As a follow-up on the workshop “A new start to work smarter (not harder)”, we’ll discuss the next steps in working smarter and focus on “how to work smarter every week”.

Your most successful quarter

Maybe you’re able to work smarter every way and every week but are you still experiencing a lack of balance in your life? Spending to much at work or in private time or a specific role in your life (parent, partner, volunteer, projectmanager, coach etc.)?

If you would like to become the conductor of your life (again) and state the right goals for each role and break them down to quarters, weeks and days to keep them in balance easily… then this is a good workshop for you.

Your best team

You’re working pretty smart by yourself. Achieving more, experiencing less stress, more fun and results and also feeling in balance? Maybe it’s time to achieve this state with your team as well?

But how do you work together in a good way? How to arrange all talents in a way that increases social innovation and allows team goals to be met with less effort, less time and more effect? But also, making sure personal goals are not missed as well? This workshop will teach you methods and instruments to reach this goal.

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